PHOSPAT is a filter cartridge designed easy-to-handle that can be put in operation in just a few steps. The active ingredient ensure that the phosphate is bound quickly and firmly.
PHOSPAT is composed of a three-layer bed to guarantee safety.

A unique composition

to bind phosphate, ready to use
Phosphate concentration is gradually reduced, when the water flows through the cartridge
  • Suitable for ponds, natural swimming pools, waterspout fountains and circulation wells
  • Reduces phosphate in water and supports the biofilter
  • Do not add any chemicals to the water
  • Reduces maintenance due to algae growth
  • Defined particle size of the individual layers

Our PHOSPAT® Units are designed for different water volumes:

PHOSPAT® 1: for volumes of water up to 50m3
PHOSPAT® 3: for volumes of water up to 150m3

For bigger water volumes we can provide a PHOSPAT® filter housing System accordingly

We recommend to protect the PHOSPAT® units from contamination with an appropriate pre-filtration.