Removing phosphate up to 150 m³

  • Reduces phosphate in water, prevent the algae proliferation and supports the biofilter
  • Suitable for ponds, natural pools, fountain and circulation wells
  • Adsorption capacity up to approximately 270‘000 mg PO43- per unit
  • Flow rate up to 2‘500 l/h, backwashable
  • Defined particle size of the individual layers
  • Suitable for up to 150 m3 of water volume and can be
  • combined for larger volumes of water
  • Pressure resistance up to max. 4 bar, pressure drop about 0.3 bar
  • Two 2-inches-connections / PVC-connections

Filter construction:

The granules used has been specially designed to bind phosphate. It is introduced into the so-called 3-layer bed. The two outer layers protect and fix the Phoslamin layer. At the same time they provide a uniform flow trough the cartridge. Due to its unique composition, the phosphate is bound in tightly within a short time, so that short contact times are possible.


How to install:

Connect one of the two connections with a pump which has a delivery rate of approx. 2‘500 l/h and connect the second connection to a pipe which circulates the water in the pond.


General information:

PHOSPAT® 3 should always be used with pre-filtered water as large contaminants such as suspended load, can clog the PHOSPAT® 3 and the effectiveness is highly constricted. Protect the PHOSPAT® 3 against frost.

Technical data sheet: