Liquid precipitating agent to improve filtration


PHOSPAT® ACUTE reduces the concentration of phosphate and ther efore prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. If the content of phosphate is higher than 1 mg/l, we recommend pretreating your water before using the PHOSPAT® cartridge. PHOSPAT® ACUTE acts as precipitating agent and improve the filtration togheter with VitroSphere® or sand filters.

  • Precipitate phosphate from water, thereby reducing algal and bacterial growth
  • Suitable as first line treatment for phosphate concentration above 1 mg/l before using PHOSPAT® cartridges
  • Acts as precipitating agent
  • Improve the filtration of your VitroSphere® or sand filters
  • Manual dosage 0.2 l per 100 m3 of water volume per weekAutomatic dosage 1:10 dilution with water through conventional dosing System
  • Binding capacity of approx. 40‘000 mg phosphate per liter Acute


Technical data sheet: