Filter cartridge to remove phosphate for first filling water

  • Reduces phosphate in water during the first filling
  • Suitable for ponds, natural pools, fountain and circulation wells
  • Adsorption capacity up to approximately 90‘000 mg PO43- per unit
  • Recommended flow rate up to 1‘100 l/h
  • Defined particle size of the individual layers
  • Suitable for up to 90 m³ of water volume with output value of 1mg/l PO43-
  • Several PHOSPAT®s can be combined for larger volumes of water
  • Pressure resistance up to max. 4 bar
  • Two 1-inch-connections

Filter construction:

The granules used have been specially designed to bind phosphate. They are introduced into the so-called 3-layer bed. The two outer layers protect and fix the Phoslamin layer. At the same time they provide a uniform flow trough the cartridge. Due to its unique composition, the phosphate is bound in tightly within a short time, so that short contact times are possible.


How to install:

Connect one side of PHOSPAT® FF with your house water line with i.e. aflexible hose and connect the other side with the tube that brings back the water to the water pond.


General information:

PHOSPAT® FF may be connected directly to your house or garden water line, so that you can remove phosphates from your filling or feed water reducing the phosphates content as much as possbile from the beginning. Protect the PHOSPAT® FF against frost.

Technical data sheet: