Protection for the PHOSPAT® 1

PHOSPAT® Secure has been specifically designed to protect the PHOSPAT®.

Filled with VitroSphere® glassbeads it serves as a pre-filter. Equipped with the identical terminals as the PHOSPAT®, the PHOSPAT® Secure can be incorporated into the existing PHOSPAT®’s system easily and quickly. PHOSPAT® Secure can protect the PHOSPAT® from contamination and it prevents the PHOSPAT® from clogging.

  • Pre-filter for PHOSPAT® 1

  • Protects PHOSPAT® 1 from contamination and clogging

  • Recommended flow rate of approx. 835 l/h, backwashable

  • Pressure resistance up to max. 4 bar, pressure drop about 0.1 bar

  • Two 1-inch-connections / PVC-connections

  • Easy plug-in with the existing system

  • Protect the PHOSPAT® Secure 1 against frost.

Technical data sheet: