PHOSPAT® - Product portfolio

A products portfolio that takes care of natural waters purification

The PHOSPAT® has been developed to reduce the phosphate concentration under 0.035 mg/l in ponds, natural pools, spring and circuit fountains. Below this value, due to the lacking of food, the algae will not survive. Equipped with an appropriate installation, a single filter cartridge can be used to handle up to 600m³ of water. The maximum capacity of PHOSPAT® can be adjusted by tuning the right amount of the phosphate binding media and thus enabling optimum treatment of the desired volume of water. The granular binding media Phoslamin has been designed with the aim of binding phosphate and it is filled into the PHOSPAT® cartridges by the so-called 3-layer bed. The two outer layers protect and fix the Phoslamin layer. At the same time, they provide a uniform flow through the cartridge. Due to its unique composition, the phosphate is fixed irreversibly and within a short contact time.

Application & Recommendations

PHOSPAT® is installed with a pump that circulate the water through the cartridge. PHOSPAT® is suitable for reducing phosphate and support the bio-filter. The device can also be used without bio-filter however it may require a longer period to produce optimum results depending on the volume of water treated. PHOSPAT® should always be used with pre-filtered water as large contaminants such as suspended load, can clog the PHOSPAT® and therefore reduce its performance.

Taking back

Loaded cartridges are of course taken back and recycled responsibly. Simply send the cartridge back to us.