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PHOSPAT® Blue 10

The versatile all-rounder L - The compact filtration unit for removing phosphate. PHOSPAT® Blue 10 reduces phosphates in water, improves water clarity. It is particularly suitable for larger swimming pools and pools as well as industrial applications with a water volume of up to 500 m3 (optimal conditions). It can be combined with other PHOSPAT® products for larger water volumes.

The major advantage lies in the significant reduction of chemical by-products and the decreased need for water changes.

PHOSPAT® Blue 10


The PHOSPAT® Blue 10 has been carefully designed to efficiently remove phosphate from water. The granules inside are specifically developed to swiftly and effectively bind phosphates. They are arranged in a three-layered configuration, with the outer layers protecting and fixing the Phoslamin layer while ensuring uniform flow. This creates maximum contact area between the water and the granules, leading to rapid and efficient phosphate binding.

The unique granules tightly bind the phosphate within a short time, allowing for quick contact times and filter effectiveness. Housed in a robust casing made of chrome steel or GfK (glass-fiber reinforced plastic), the filter ensures a long lifespan and protects the granules from external influences.

PHOSPAT® Blue 10


The application of PHOSPAT® Blue 10 is simple and effective:

• Preparation: Ensure correct installation and intact housing
• Pre-filtered water: Use to prevent blockages and maximize effectiveness
• Positioning: Place after the main filter in the water system
• Flow rate: Check the recommended flow rate up to 8,300 l/h
• Monitoring: Regularly check the filter and perform maintenance, such as cartridge replacement
• Frost protection: Shield from frost to extend lifespan

PHOSPAT® Blue 10 effectively improves water quality through easy installation, maintenance, and reliable operation